1. You can visit the old preserved villagePOURLIA that the houses of those that are saved and restored and what is built in the old architectural style of the region. The Pourlia (Old Pori) is at an altitude of 600m with many streams and springs, with dense vegetation and connected with asphalt with New Pori.
  2. You can light a candle in thechurch of St. George , which was built 100 years ago with the transfer of the village from Paliochori place.
  3. Another place you can visit, isPaliohori village 4km above the POURLIA, homeland of Christopher Perevos, friend of Rigas Fereos  and one of the members of friendly company fighting against Ottoman Empire. Now there are only ruins of houses and two very well preserved churches with beautiful wooden temples, made by carpenters from Rapsani place. The one church has the name  of the Life Giving Spring, and the other has the name of the holy twelve Apostles.
  4. While enjoying theperennial forest you can come back at Pourlia place and visit the “tower” to enjoy the magnificent view to the sea, to orient and to see the natural formations of channels that gather all groundwater Olympus and natural farm and one of large wetlands of central Macedonia.
  5. In Pourlia place you can eat at one of thelocal taverns and taste our local delicacies, grilled various stuffed goat, etc. For more information contact us.