Starting driving your car from Nei Pori (New Pori), to Old Pori (Pourlia place). Before reaching the village, Cool yourselves off and drink pure water straight from the water source of Avarnitsa. The distance is 5 km via the asphalt road. In the village, drink water from the tap in the Plane trees and relax listening to the noise of running water and rustling of the leaves. This village is surrounded by greenery and running waters.                                     

You can move (walking or by car) from Pourlia to Paliochori by a 4 km road in the deep forest and admire the  perennial forest area, as well as two old churches of Life Source and Saint Twelve Apostles. If you proceed, you can reach a unique location with another water source called “Kati” with a small lake. On the way back to Pourlia admire the beautiful view from the “tower” (the tallest building in the village), where you can also spot the cape “Dermatas” and enjoy the local cuisine, such as grilled and stuffed goats from all over our region. You can also light a candle at Saint George Church in the central square.

From Pourlia (Old Pori) you can move to the Old Panteleimon by either a 5 km road, or by a 7 km road to the Environmental Education Center of East Olympus. All these villages are traditional and preserved for their magnificent architecture, and you can travel to all of them by car. 

Other things you can do is walk along the coastal road from Nei Pori (New Pori) to Platamon, waking up memories of the old railway station. Enjoy the landscape filled with Plane trees, and visit the Moskov Villa, which was the German field base during the 2nd World War, or explore the tunnel under the Venetian Castle of Platamon.

Visit Livithra, or try Trekking tourism and extreme sports (OLYMPIC WINGS), Olympus 15 km, in the gorges of the foothills and on the peaks.

You can also enjoy all kind of water sports such as diving and plenty more. Follow the international path E4 from Litochoro, and walk to the old Monastery of Agios Dionysios and the mountain refuges of Olympus.  

Another interesting place to visit is Litochoro. From Litochoro, you can continue your journey to Olympus by car. You’ll haave the opportunity to admire the new monastery of Agios Dionysios, and after that, you can visit the shelter of the Cross, which welcomes you with breath taking landscape views. After that you can visit the old monastery of Agios Dionysios, and at the end of the road lies the shelter of the Prionia (Saws) 

Another interesting place to visit is “Ambelakia” (the first association in the whole world was founded here). Here you will find the mansion of “George Black”, the folklore museum, and the very old churches of the village.

When returning, travel through the largest and one of the oldest villages, “Rapsani”. Stop at the winery, try and buy raki and wine from the famous old local grape variety, which is protected under the name “Rapsani”.

In the spring we accompany you, showing you and gathering together various herbs and aromatic plants like laudanum, mint, thyme, lemon balm, oregano, zarmpouni, zampouko that you will take to your home – the most beautiful scents of nature.

If you visit in Autumn, you will get the most beautiful pictures with beautiful colors and scents of autumn you could ever see!

If you want further field trips, you can use our hotel as a base, because Nei Pori is a transportation hub and is located very close to Meteora (140 km), Vergina (100 km), Pella (110 km), Amfipolis (200 km), Thessaloniki 100km, Larissa (40 km), Katerini (40 km), Dion (20 km).

Visit PARK “TETHYS” at the end of Nei Pori village. You can spend your time pleasantly, exploring the development of marine wild life of the Mediterranean sea by visiting the museum, fishing, horseback, or by barbeque.