Nei Pori is a new village that was moved to the seaside location that is far from the altitude of 400 meters the 1973. There is an excellent street plan, with very wide streets. It is very safe for families because people here are friendly, and the sea is ideal for children because it is very shallow and sandy. The beach is 3km long and about 80m wide, with fine golden sand. Every year is awarded with the blue flag of Europe. All the area is a transportation crossroad. There is a train station and bus station too. Wherever you come, either from Athens to Thessaloniki, either from Thessaloniki to Athens, you can get off in Nei Pori and after consultation, we can pick you up.

During the summer months a tourist train connects Nei Pori with Platamonas, Castle of Platamon, and the New Panteleimon village.

Also there is a large nudist beach, at the end of the village 1 km away from our hotel. At this point there are plants protected by the Protection of Nature and the natural fish farm. If you plan to visit this beach you must have with you the necessary skills [water, etc.].

The Sea

Are you searching for a quiet place to rest with your family or maybe you are younger and need some thrill? With the variety of beaches in the area, you are sure to find it. There are many free and 16 organized beaches in a small radius from Neoi Poroi and most of them are "equipped" with the blue flag, a trademark which inspires trust to our sea. Our Hotel is located in a quiet location of Neoi Poroi by the sea. The beach is only 180 meters away and has a wide sandy beach with golden sand. The sea can satisfy even our most demanding customer.

The Market

Commercial stores selling any kind of goods including clothes, shoes, souvenirs, food and everything you can think of can be found in every touristic place in the world. Except "normal" market, we are more than happy to have a "people's market". A kind of market that has deep roots into the Hellenic culture and is called Laiki Agora. Every friday, local producers sell their delicacies which are usually high quality, low priced products and are going from the producer directly into our houses.


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